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Nathan Berg
Wielding wildly outdated terminology like “indubitably” and “YOLO,” Nathan smugly refers to himself as a writer, despite having written precisely dick in almost a year. His spirit generally lurks in the dank, musty shadows of the website (his corporeal form having long since vanished into the rancid, gaping rectum of the Midwest known as South Dakota) and enjoys writing sporadic film and game reviews, inflating his ego with opinion pieces, long walks on the beach, and eating spoiled food.


nick profileNick Berg
Podcast Co-Host/Critic/Writer/On Camera Personality/Co-Creator
After spending several years out East pushing the creative bent of Film Dumpster, Nick had a spiritual epiphany and clothed only in tighty whities and a button down he boarded a Winnebago and headed out to the deserts of So Cal to seek his fortune.  He remains broke and heads up the Film Dumpster Podcast.



phil profilePhil Bowman
Phil Bowman but teeters on the brink of validation, citing his noted ‘fixation on useless cultural knowledge’ as ‘justification for being a shiftless layabout.’ Such being the basis for his contributorship to the Film Dumpster writing staff, he has truly found his place amongst like minded individuals.



nicholas profileNicholas Croston





Tom Profile

Tom Curley
Podcast Co-Host/Critic
Tom Curley is an Academy Award and BAFTA winning sound mixer, and all around film/media/pop culture nut whose fanatical need to overachieve in his field has brought Film Dumpster some much needed credibility (though his modesty prevents him from admitting this).


kevin profileKevin Edward
Critic/Write/On Camera Personality/Camera Operator & Editor/Co-Creator
Kevin Edward has done everything imaginable in failing at a career in the Entertainment industry. After making the unwise decision to move to Florida in pursuit of his creative passions, a state well known for sucking the life and very soul out of its residents, Kevin returned to Buffalo on his hands and knees and found his redemption in Film Dumpster. We are not sure what Kevin brings to Film Dumpster. What we do know, is that he has all the production equipment the team needs.

mike profileMike Gutowski
Podcast Co-Host/Critic





jeff profileJeff Heller
Editor/Critic/Writer/On Camera Personality/Co-Creator
Having conceived of the website in what one would consider to be a moment of desperation, Jeff Heller is amazed that the powers that be have deemed him credible enough to review films and interview celebrities.  In constant fear of being found as a fraud, Jeff plows ahead, leaping from interview to film review, hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.



tony profileTony Lorenzo





chris profileChris Watroba