“Better Call Saul” Actor Admits to Cutting Off Own Arm and Posing as War Vet

Twenty years ago, in what he describes as a “psychotic episode,” Todd Latourette severed his own arm with a Skil saw, then cauterized the wound to stop the severe bleeding. Years later he used his injury to obtain acting roles, stating he had lost his arm on the field of combat.

Latourette would eventually appear in roles in “Better Call Saul,” “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” “A Bird of the Air,” “Longmire,” and “Manhattan.” He admitted that he was consumed by guilt for his actions and wanted to finally come clean. He realizes, however, that this could potentially be career ending for him.

“I was dishonorable. I’m killing my career by doing this, if anyone thinks this was for personal edification, that’s not the case. I’m ousting myself from the New Mexico Film Industry. And gladly so, just to say what I’ve said.”

Latourette claimed he has bipolar disorder and had stopped taking his medication at the time, and he’s hoping his story is a cautionary one for others.

“The power is in your hands to take your medication in the morning, or at night. So that, this, this discourse of my life doesn’t need to necessarily be yours. Because, it happens quick … it happens quick.”

If you or anyone you know is struggling with bipolar disorder and wants to find more information you can visit www.bbrfoundation.org.

Source: People, Fox News

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