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Film Reviews

Film Review: “Joker”

Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is an impoverished clown-for-hire living in 1981 Gotham City with his ailing, Thomas Wayne-obsessed mother (American Horror Story’s Frances Conroy). Fleck suffers from mental illness and sees a social worker for ...
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Film Review: Judy

The life and career of Judy Garland has been widely documented, and it is considered to be one of Hollywood’s most tragic stories. Garland was swallowed up by the old Hollywood studio system, with studio ...
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Film Review: AD ASTRA

 Pitt Connects In Epic Tale Of Exploration   Haunted loneliness lingers throughout director/co-writer Jim Gray‘s Ad Astra. Even during the opening sequence which begins with glorious shots capturing the earth aglow in all hues of grandeur, its ...
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Film Review: “Yesterday”

Guest critic Pete Herr from The Geeekiverese has his review of the new  Beatles-themed comedy “Yesterday.”  Imagine a world without The Beatles. That’s what the new comedy “Yesterday” does, and with a few surprises and ...