Dark Phoenix | Official Trailer

Remember when X-Men: Last Stand came out and everyone was upset that they changed the Dark Phoenix storyline from the comics from an evil entity that takes over Jean to it just being a further mutation of her powers that Charles has been trying to keep at bay? Well, with the new X-Men timeline in the film continuity, Fox had the opportunity to satisfy fans and be true to the original storylin….oh and they did the same thing again.

This film looks an awful lot like a rehash of the exact same story from  Last Stand. Granted,  it’s been rumored that Fox pushed this trailer out prior to most of the film’s FX being completed because of a leak, so this may not accurately reflect the true storyline. The official description stares:

Mystique, Beast, Storm, Nightcrawler and the rest of the X-Men spring into action when a malevolent, power-hungry force threatens to overtake Jean Grey’s mind.

We’ll find out for sure when we get closer to the February 14th release date.

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