Film Dumpster Exclusive: Ernie Husdon Confirms “Ghostbusters 3” Production Time Frame

In a recent interview with Film Dumpster at the 2014 Niagara Falls Comic Con, actor Ernie Hudson confirmed that production on Ghostbusters 3 will begin in the “fall (of 2014) or the spring (of 2015).”

In the interview with Film Dumpster’s Nick Berg, Hudson stated that he spoke with original Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 director Ivan Reitman at the premiere of Draft Day, where he told Hudson that Ghostbusters 3 is “definitely happening.”

He also goes on to say that to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the original film, Sony Pictures will be re-releasing Ghostbusters in 700 theaters on August 29th, which will include added scenes, in addition to a new Blu-ray in September.

In the 30 years since it’s initial release, Ghostbuster’shas spawned a sequel, a slew of cartoons, comics and merchandise, and created a comedic legend. It’s great to see that the gang (or some of the gang, at least) will be dusting off their proton packs.

The segment of the interview in which Hudson discusses Ghostsbusters is below. The full interview is coming soon (which includes a drop-in from Kevin Sorbo), as well as the rest of our coverage of the 2014 Niagara Falls Comic Con.

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