Film Review-Thor: The Dark World

Where do I even begin? What a crazy freakin’ summer. A back issue put me in physical therapy and I got married. But as the dust settled and life got back to normal, Thor: The Dark World was released, and blew my frigging mind! Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor, Tom Hiddleston returns as my new favorite movie character of all time, Loki, and Kat Dennings returns as One Broke Girl…I mean Darcy. Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo and…. Oh just trust me EVERYONE returns in this movie. And this time, we get right into the action! Now that the first movie is out of the way, we can be treated to Thor for an entire movie, and not non-Thor for most of the movie while he learns humility like in the first movie.

When Jane Foster (Portman) finds and becomes possessed by the Aether, a red, liquified version of the Tesseract from The Avengers (comic nerds, keep track of the colored artifacts/elements at the center of all of these Marvel movies, it’s heading somewhere!) Thor shows up to bring her to Asgaard to have her treated, just in time to see Asgaard attacked by elves led by the evil Malekith, played by Chris Eccleston. He is in search of the Aether, because it will make him more powerful and allow him to destroy the universe and bring eternal darkness which would somehow make his race the most powerful people in the universe… that he wants.. to.. destroy…. oh who the hell can follow all of that? But so what, it’s THOR!!! In order to stop Malekith, destroy the Aether, and save the entire universe from destruction, Thor must turn to the one man he knows he CAN’T trust: Loki.

Directed by Alan Taylor, Thor: The Dark World blends comic characters, Lord of the Rings-style fantasy and sword and sorcery, and quantum physics to create one of the biggest 2 hour nerd-gasms ever! And as usual, I sat there during the credits yelling, “what are you people thinking! It’s a Marvel movie!! It’s not over yet!!” And I was right. The TWO bonus scenes are well worth the wait.

Over All Score8.1

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