Funko Movie is in Development

Funko, the “We never met an intellectual property we didn’t like” company, will soon be getting their own film thanks to the folks over at Warner Bros. Due to the success of The LEGO Movie, the Brothers Warner are eager to try to strike gold twice, taking a heavily licenced toy line and putting as many familiar characters from as many different universes and slapping them on screen. It makes sense that WB is looking to Funko to do it. Their Pop figure line is one of the most successful lines in recent history, and we’d venture to say one of the most extensive. At present time, Funko has licences for 89 different intellectual properties, each with dozens of characters, putting the number of unique figures in the thousands.

According to SuperBroMovies writer Daniel Richtman, the film will follow a team consisting of Wonder Woman, the Care Bears, Hellboy, Deadpool, Hello Kitty, Harley Quinn, Darth Vader, and My Little Pony, but little is known beyond that. It will be interesting to see who will provide the voices. Will we hear Gal Gadot, James Earl Jones and Ryan Reynolds? Will it be Ron Perlman or David Harbour as Hellboy? And how many different characters can Tara Strong play?

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