Guess what is about to get it’s own feature film…..

Do you think that Hollywood has run out of ideas?

It seems like everything and anything is ripe to be turned into a feature film and that includes emoji’s! Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Animation has won a bidding war to make a movie based on the Emoji, the various smiley faces and characters we use in texts and social media on a daily basis. The studio reportedly battled Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers for the rights in a near seven figure deal for the project that will be written by Men at Work series writer Eric Siegel and directed by Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters and B.O.O.director Anthony Leondis who pitched the story to studios.



Considering there are no underlying rights to Emoji’s, the studio is reportedly planning to fast track the project to avoid having to face any competing films, including another Emoji pitch that will apparently be shopped around soon. Considering Seth Rogen will voice one of the characters in Leondis’ upcoming B.O.O. film, we’re assuming he’s ripe to take on the role of the “Smiling Poop” emoji in the film. So what do you think of a movie based on emoji’s?

Should we all just leave the new world behind and join a cult in the middle of a big forest somewhere to get away from this horrible idea?

Yes.. yes we should.

Tony Lorenzo

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