“Han Solo” Trailer to be Released Next Week?

It’s being theorized that Disney will be releasing a trailer for the upcoming Han Solo film during the college football National Championship game on January 8th, which airs on ESPN (which Disney owns).  As the film is a little over five months away from its release, it is odd that we haven’t seen a trailer yet, even with The Last Jedi still in theaters. It is possible though that the studio has no confidence in the film., According to Screen Geek, the studio is expecting a clunker:

“Disney is bracing themselves for the Han Solo movie to bomb. They were worried about it before all The Last Jedi controversy, but now they’re essentially writing Solo off. The lead actor, Alden Ehrenreich, can’t act, and they had a dialogue coach on hand for all of his scenes. On top of that, the script is unworkable. It’s going to be a car crash.”

We’ll see how good it is when Solo: A Star Wars Story released on May 25th, 2018.

Source: Movieweb

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