Remembering Tony Lorenzo

One year ago, Film Dumpster lost one of its family members.

Tony Lorenzo was best known as the guitar player for the metal band Sons of Azrael. A staple in the local metal scene, Sons of Azrael released two albums, The Conjuration of Vengeance in 2007 and Scouting the Boneyard in 2010. The band had developed a passionate following, but their rise was cut short in October of 2011 when Tony was shot during a random mugging, the bullet lodged in his spinal column paralyzing him from the chest down. Tony’s injury, along with the passing of lead singer Joe Siracuse the following year, would mean the end of Sons of Azrael.

While still passionate about music, Tony would eventually begin to focus much of his energy on other interests, founding the geek-themed website and podcast The Loud Table, and eventually joining us here at Film Dumpster. Tony became the fourth host of the Film Dumpster podcast, along with Nick Berg, Jeff Heller and Kevin Edward, very quickly becoming the driving force behind the podcast, providing a much-needed energy to the show.

Sadly, Tony’s health began to decline, leading to a lengthy hospital stay. While he would eventually recover, in the year following his health began to slip once more, and Tony passed away on March 8, 2017, at the age of 30. Tony’s passion for music, films and the podcast medium was infectious,  and it revitalized each of our own passions as well. Tony brought with him an unbridled optimism about what could be accomplished, which was only amplified by how much adversity he had faced. Tony’s time with Film Dumpster had an incredible impact, and he will always be missed. We’ll see you again someday, brother.


You can listen to one of Tony’s early podcasts with us here, and you can also read Tony’s blogs and film reviews here. Below you can find some videos featuring Tony, including the Sons of Azrael album The Conjuration of Vengeance,  Tony’s interview with David Hasselhoff at the 2015 Niagara Falls Comic Con, and a tribute video to Tony that was played at his services.



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