Shareholders Vote to Approve $71.3 Billion Disney/21st Century Fox Merger

Shareholders have agreed to approve Disney’s buyout of  21st Century Fox’s major assets.  This came after a drawn out battle with Comcast to purchase the studio, though it was decided that Disney was a better fit for fox’ needs. Fox Broadcasting Co. and Fox’s TV station group, including Fox Sports, Fox News, as well as nearly a dozen sports stations, will not be a part of the buyout, and will be rebranded as New Fox.

This news obviously has fanboys in a tither, as it opens the door for the ultimate big screen Marvel crossover, with nearly all of the Marvel characters under one roof (many characters of the extended Spidy-verse is still exclusive to Sony, and Universal has its hands on a couple of characters that are off limits, like She-Hulk). It will likely be quite some time before we see any kind of George Perez-like character money shot on the big screen.

Source: Variety

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