Sony’s Spidy Spinoff “Silver & Black” Pulled From Production Schedule

Remember that Black Cat/Silver Sable Spider-Man spinoff you were looking forward to? Well, you’re gunna have to wait a bit longer. Sony has pulled Silver & Black from their February 2019 release window for possible future development. The film, which was to focus on Spidy female characters mercenary Silver Sable and cat burglar Black Cat, was supposed to follow the upcoming Venom starring Tom Hardy, but supposedly scrip issues have sidelined it for a while.

The Wrap reported earlier in the year that Captain Marvel scribes Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet were writing the screenplay with Shots Fired’s Gina Prince-Bythewood as the director. Despite the fact that the new Disney/Tom Holland Spider-Man exists in the MCU, neither Venom or Silver & Black will, which indicates that Sony is trying its damndest to create a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe separate from Marvels. How did The Sinister Six work out for you, Sony?


Source: The Geekiverse

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