Spider-Man Might Be Leaving The MCU

Sony Pictures and Disney’s Marvel Studios have reportedly hit an impasse of the future financing of the Spider-Man franchise. Disney is demanding that Spider-Man films would be financed on a 50/50 basis, while Sony proposed keeping the arrangement under the current terms, which stipulate that Marvel receives about 5% of first-dollar gross. Essentially, Sony doesn’t want to share the revenue of the franchise, which is understandable given that Far from Home just became Sony’s highest grossing film of all time. According to Deadline, Sony did offer compromises, but Disney declined.

Should the deal fall through, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would be out as the producer, removing Spidy from the MCU. There is no doubt that Marvel’s take is that without the Feige and Homecoming and Far from Home’s connections to the MCU, the films wouldn’t have stood a chance of getting Sony out of the Spidy slump they created with Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 

It’s been reported that Sony has two more films scheduled with Tom Holland, but those are likely up in the air now. It will be interesting to see if Holland remains on the franchise should the two studios split.


Source: Variety


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