“Star Trek: Picard” Teaser Trailer Breakdown

Guest contributor Pete Herr from The Geekiverse  breaks down the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Picard.”

There hasn’t been bigger news in the Trek universe since Leonard Nimoy passed away, and that includes the launching of Star Trek: Discovery. Today after leak and then removal and then reposting we got our very first look at Star Trek: Picard.

By the time I got to the teaser, it had already been removed from many of the big sites. I, of course, looked for hard objects to turn into photon torpedoes in my room. How could I have possibly missed it? But not long after that, it reappeared, and all was right with the galaxy again. (Comically speaking, I was busy writing a trailer reaction for Batwoman when I missed the Picard teaser. Seriously.) Have a look, as if you haven’t already seen it 14 times.

The teaser is tiny. Just a minute and nine seconds, and during that time, all we hear is an unidentified voice.

“15 years ago…today…you led us out of the darkness.” DARKNESS???? What darkness? Hey, that sounds a little like Beverly Crusher. Hmmm. Is Star Trek: Picard just a cover to bring Wesley back into the Star Trek family? I think I am projecting. After listening to it 11 more times I heard Michael Burnham (Whoa… don’t @ me, she is on the payroll…”Hey, Sonequa, can you do this little voice over. Don’t sound so…um…Vulcan”) I imagine I am oh for two there.

“You commanded the greatest rescue armada in history” Armada…lots of ships. Rescue….who’d you rescue, Jean Luc? Wesley? No, that wouldn’t be the greatest in history. Rescue is the key word there.

“Then..the unimaginable.” Oh, I don’t know, I can imagine a lot. Someone he knew…loved…turned to the dark side. Sorry, wrong franchise. They got Borged? They died? They died. Yes. Who died? Maybe multiple people. Like a whole ship?

Leaked photo from Star Trek: Picard
Leaked photo from Star Trek: Picard Image: CBS All Access

“What did that cost you?” I know, I know…Everything! Wrong franchise again…or is it? Maybe Diz is gearing up to buy Star Trek too. Clearly the cost was a lot. He headed to the farm…like Thanos after he lost just half of everything. Amiright?

“Your faith? Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself?” Can you imagine a Jean Luc Picard who had lost faith in Starfleet and himself? I spent a lot of time today scanning the memory banks for any inkling of what the event might be that could require the greatest rescue armada in history. Something so great that it cost Picard his faith in Starfleet and himself. I imagine that will be the crux of the story, right? Redemption arc?

“Tell us. Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?” Well, he got a promotion since we last saw him. Does this sound to you like a therapy session or maybe even an interrogation? Something happened and Picard is implicated? He spends the entire season on the run? Or he is just trying to refill his prescription for some space aged anti-depressant.

While there is a bunch packed in there, the imagery is just Picard at the family vineyard. It had a Hallmark Channel movie feel about it until the camera zoomed in on Picard’s troubled face at the end. So many questions, like who was narrating? Where was Picard? Where can I get a bottle of Chateau Picard? So few answers. Good teaser. It teased.

As of yet there is no date for Star Trek: Picard to release. As of today, there are a lot of us waiting even more excitedly for news on this one.

What’d you think? What great idea do you have that I missed? When do you think it will air? Leave a comment. I’ll get back atcha.

The Grumpy Geek, Pete Herr is the author of “10 Things We Should Teach You In High School and Usually Don’t”. He is the oldest geek in the Geekiverse by a factor of two. Follow Pete Herr on Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram . 

(Article was originally posted on The Geekiverese on May 23, 2019)

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